Covid-19 and University Life Initiatives and Good Practices of the Network

In times of pandemic, higher education institutions around the world have been forced to review their organization and functioning to ensure the continuity, at least in part, of university life and the services rendered to their student audience. They are all forced to reinvent their daily lives in order to meet the challenges posed by the coronavirus, especially those that have had to completely close their campuses.

How to function as a Catholic university during the quarantine?

Pope Francis stated, "that educating is not only filling the head with concepts but teaching how to use the three languages: the language of the mind, the language of the heart, the language of the hand." A Catholic university following this philosophy of education could become a life-changing story for young people encountering the world and their role in it with joy, gratitude, responsibility, spiritual strength and freedom. Another principal vocation of a Catholic university is to celebrate community and contribute to the common good, to make young people learn to strive and work for the good that transcends their private interests and preoccupations. To make it happen, a Catholic university strives to be a community of service par excellence and rediscover what it means to be close to the needy and poor. That is why the pandemics by forcing the quarantine upon and pushing universities off campus hurts a Catholic university even more than any natural force majeure.

Call for Papers

We are pleased to inform you that ACUHIAM/ASUNICAM is planning to publish a book on COVID-19 this year.

The Newman Benchmarking Framework

In recent years, various rankings (Shanghai, Times Higher Education) have emerged to rate universities in an increasingly competitive environment. However, these rankings are based on limited scientific criteria and overlook values that are essential to today’s societies.
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