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The International Federation of Catholic Universities and TestWe enter into a strategic partnership

Publié le 11 juin 2021 Mis à jour le 11 juin 2021
Partnsership IFCU-TestWe
Partnsership IFCU-TestWe

du 11 juin 2021 au 30 juin 2021

FIUC and TestWe, a French start-up that is revolutionizing exams with its secure digital platform, are pleased to announce the conclusion of their partnership.

Based on its experience with higher education actors, TestWe offers innovative solutions, adapted to each of its users, to rethink and reorganise its assessment process in a rational way. It provides universities with a secure offline interface for both face-to-face and distance learning exams, from an entire class to a single student, to enable the smooth running of all types of tests, while allowing candidates to use their personal tools.

The International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), founded in 1924, brings together 240 universities in 56 countries around the world, with its headquarters in Paris. Its mission is to facilitate cooperation between Catholic universities in research and governance and to help them open up to their local, national and international environment.

Based on their respective expertise, FIUC and TestWe are committed to promoting technological innovations in the service of the educational mission of Catholic universities. Their partnership is specifically in line with the desire to contribute to a responsible and secure digitalisation of the examination process.

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