Universidad Católica de Santa Fé

IN OMNEN VERITATEM - Vers la vérité
The Catholic University, as a university, is an academic community that, in a rigorous and critical way, contributes to the protection and development of human dignity and cultural heritage through research, teaching and the various services offered to local, national and international communities (Cfr. Ex Corde Ecclesiae, n. 12).
Within this framework, the UCSF is committed to the achievement of the following institutional objectives:
- Integral Christian and humanistic, scientific and professional formation for the evangelisation of culture and human promotion.
- Research in the theological, philosophical, scientific and artistic fields.
- Construction and transmission of values.
- Liaison with and service to educational and community institutions.

UCSF projects itself as an authentically human community of research, teaching and service characterised by:
- A public, continuous and universal presence in favour of Christian thought in the search for truth in all fields of knowledge.
- The integration of faith and reason through dialogue between science, philosophy and theology.
- An education that harmonises the richness of humanistic and cultural development with specialised professional training.
- A careful management of service and support from the authorities and staff towards the student and the entire university community.
- Research and teaching at the service of the community, especially the most vulnerable.
- The search for academic excellence in the training of professionals and researchers.
- An academic environment of freedom with the necessary respect for the human person and the search for the common good of society.

UCSF adheres to the following values:
- Spirit of freedom, charity and solidarity.
- Sincere dialogue.
- Creative promotion of knowledge.
- Search for, transmission and communication of all truth.
- Academic excellence.
- Pursuit of the common good and respect for the dignity of the human person from conception.
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