Institut Catholique de Vendée

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ICES, the Institut Catholique de Vendée, is a Catholic institution of higher education founded in 1990 in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée). Recognized by the Catholic Church and benefiting from canonical statutes, ICES is a member of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU). Its chancellor is the Bishop of Luçon.

ICES offers its 1,500 students, bachelor's and master's degree courses and awards national diplomas controlled by the State in 4 major university fields: 

● Law, economics and management, political science ; 
● History, humanities and social sciences;
● Arts, letters and languages ;
● Science, technology and health.

The excellent exam success rate and the low dropout rate are the fruits of an original concept: the "University School". This pedagogical concept translates into high intellectual standards, personalized support and advanced methodology. 

Today, ICES attracts young people from all over France and is part of the dynamics of the Vendée and the Grand Ouest, which has never been so attractive to families, companies and talent. The successes of the Vendée are available to students, as proof of their ability to take risks, to give them the desire to become, in turn, "creators". 

Key figures:

● 620 research teachers
● 1500 students
● 26 university courses
● 120 partner universities
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