Facultad Padre Ossó, Universidad de Oviedo

The Faculty Padre Ossó was founded in 1965 as the "Padre Enrique de Ossó" Teaching School of the Church, and that year it began to offer official teaching studies. Subsequently it expanded and diversified its educational offer to respond with quality to other training needs of the Asturian reality. Today we are a private university centre attached to the University of Oviedo in which four official degrees can be studied: Teacher in Early Childhood Education, Teacher in Primary Education, Social Education and Occupational Therapy.

Our Board of Trustees is made up of the Archbishopric of Oviedo and the Seminary of Oviedo.

In addition to our training offer, we have four areas of great importance:

  • The Lifelong Learning department, through which we carry out the task of cultural dissemination. It offers a wide range of courses and postgraduate courses whose main objective is the updating and specialisation of students, university graduates and practising professionals.
  • The Projects area, which develops social and cultural activities aimed at both specific groups and society as a whole, with the aim of establishing a link between the university and society.
  • The Department of International Relations and Mobility, which promotes participation in national and international mobility programmes of the University of Oviedo, facilitating the application for grants for the exchange of students, who can take part of their studies in other Spanish and foreign universities both within and outside Europe.
  • As a centre with a Christian identity, the Padre Ossó Faculty has a Pastoral Department, made up of students, teaching staff and administration and services personnel. It is responsible for promoting cooperation activities, solidarity initiatives and participation in social responsibility projects among the university community.

We conceive the university stage as a training process that should foster highly qualified, committed, socially responsible young people with a reflective capacity and critical vision. For this reason, at the Padre Ossó Faculty we are committed to an efficient educational model that has the following distinctive features:

  • A high rate of employability of students who complete their studies thanks to our comprehensive, continuous and quality training.
  • Proximity and quality of treatment: Padre Ossó Faculty is distinguished by its individualised attention to each person, tolerance and respect. We have an ambitious Tutorial Action Plan that favours the integration of students into the University, while at the same time guiding and helping them in their academic and professional future.
  • Educational and technological innovation: we are committed to an efficient educational model whose distinctive features are excellence in educational and technological innovation. Constant investment in the improvement of our facilities allows us to be at the forefront.
  • Free language training: any undergraduate student at the Padre Ossó Faculty has free access to Cambridge English Language B1 and B2 exam preparation courses.
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