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Training - Managing Crisis and Risks in the Covid Era - Rome 23-25 February 2023

Published on October 27, 2022 Updated on October 27, 2022
Rome - Rome - fiuc-ifcu

This risk management training is open to senior university staff - President/Vice-Presidents and managers in charge of strategic planning, etc.

IFCU member universities may be exposed to various risks that may have a direct impact on their activities or indirectly on their environment. Based on its report "Risk Management Applied to the Academic Domain" which analyzes the various risks to which Catholic universities are exposed, IFCU has launched its Academic Risk Management program based on specific training and an artificial intelligence tool dedicated to the early prevention of pandemic risks.

In this framework, IFCU and Ex Humano propose this training in academic risk management whose main objective is to help academic executives involved in the management and strategic planning of our Catholic universities.