Call for Papers

Published on July 9, 2020 Updated on July 9, 2020

We are pleased to inform you that ACUHIAM/ASUNICAM is planning to publish a book on COVID-19 this year.

Subtitle:  A Christian glance on the coming new international order 

We are pleased to inform you that ACUHIAM/ASUNICAM is planning to publish a book on COVID-19 this year.

Below are deadlines and a link to book concept to keep in mind:

July 15, 2020 submission of abstracts of around 250 words, using Times New Roman

August 31, 2020 submission of book chapters of around 6,000 words, using Times New Roman and APA style

September, 30, 2020 return of reviews

October, 15, 2020 submission of final versions for publication

It’s a question of proposing articles which analyze the "before" and "after" Covid-19 in some fields:


-     Public policies:

Covid-19 is showing us that our capacities in terms of forecasting and management of the City remain limited, especially vis-a-vis the calamities which we contribute ourselves to produce.  It’s thus necessary to think of these public policies differently. How to understand that Italy, for example, is paralyzed and can lack the means to deal with its patients. As if no one had foreseen what was coming.


-     Policy and international relations:

Covid-19 is showing us also that co-operation and other economic or political conglomerates are useful only in a situation of power balance (economic and/or political).

Ø  See how in this major crisis, solidarity disappeared (in UE, in the USA).

Ø  See how today it’s China which is called to assist those who yesterday were regarded as most powerful (the UE, the USA, etc).

-          Economic (at national and international level):

Covid-19 shows us how much the unrestrained race for the profit reached intolerable limits for which we are paying today (and still for a long time) the full price: uncontrolled exploitation of the raw materials, destruction of the environment, consumerism, etc.

-          Social and anthropological:

How Covid-19 pushes us to re-learn the “living-together”, the social and human relations and shows us that the time devoted to others (our children, our families, our neighbors, our surroundings and environment) is not lost time. "Time is not always money ".

-          Scientific:

Science is necessary to the progress of humanity. But the use of it must be framed. Because developing germs of which one does not know the harmful effects can only lead to catastrophes. It seems that Covid-19 was developed in a laboratory within the framework of a commercial war between powers.

See the results, and we have to consider what is still coming.

 -          Our relations with nature:

Covid-19 shows us ultimately that for not having taken care of the nature surrounding us, we have created conditions for the development of calamities which affect us today. It draws our attention to the need for taking care of "our common house " by protecting our environment and our climate and by having concern about others.

-     And the place of God :

One has the impression, for those who believe in a God, that by this means He is showing us that human pride will lead us to self-destruction. And that it’s time to change.

-     These problems can also be approached from the point of view of Law, Medical Sciences, etc.

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